Preparation for Galois /Hypatia Math Contests – Jonah’s Math Corner offers a six-week short series

Jonah’s Math Corner Announcing:

Preparation for Galois /Hypatia Math Contests

– a six-week short series

Galois /Hypatia contests are Canada-wide math competitions (for grade 10 resp. grade 11). The contest writing date for 2017 is on April 12th Wednesday.

We, Jonah’s Math Corner, are now planning a short course for warming-up and preparing for these contests. It is planned to have 6 classes each lasting 2 hours (so the total time will be 12 hours), starting from the last week of February and continue until the first week of April (with one week off for the spring break at end of March). There is one series for each of the contests. The preparation series for Galois (grade 10) contest is tentatively scheduled to be on Thursday evening, and the preparation series for Hypatia (grade 11) is scheduled on Saturday morning.

In summary:

Prepare for Galois contest: February 23 – April 6th, every Thursday evening (call for details)

Prepare for Hypatia contest: February 25 – April 8th, every Saturday morning (call for details)

Contest writing date: April 12th 2017

Place: (call for details)

Fee: $270 per student, due on first class.

Please contact us now before the class starts — we reserve the rights to cancel the class if no sufficient interest.

We encourage friends to spread the news to those who are interested in taking the challenge! [Applause] [Rose] [Rose] [Smile]

The students may choose to write the contests either at Jonah’s Math Corner, or at the local school he/she attend (since some public schools of Calgary will also supervise the contest). The fee for contests are extra ($22 if choosing to write at Jonah’s Math Corner).

For interested students or their concerned parents, please contact by calling 403-690-8878 or email We will provide detailed information. If you are interested but feel the schedules time does not fit in your busy schedule, please let us know – we are always ready to make some adaptations.

Past Results

We guide and train students in problem-solving. For two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), students from Jonah’s Math Corner performed well and have come out top nationwide* in Fryer (grade 9) and Galois contest (grade 10).

Please click below for the Honour Roll –

the contest results for students at Jonah’s Math Corner

* Please note that the past performance from Jonah’s math corner should not be interpreted as an indicator for current students’ success for oncoming contests. There is no guarantee in any form on students results after taking the preparation series for the contests.

About Galois /Hypatia contests

Galois /Hypatia contests are Canada-wide math competitions (for grade 10 respectively grade 11).

Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computer Science, within University of Waterloo, organizes and coordinates the contests. The top performers will be awarded certificates of excellence and be recognized at the local school and on CEMC website.

Galois /Hypatia contests have answer-only problems (requiring a student to work out his/her own answer) as well as full-solution problems that require full presentation of solution steps.

The problems in these two contests match closely with Canadian math curriculum across provinces of Canada. The problems challenge students to show well-trained math talents and math expression skills while still focusing on the fundamental of school math curriculum.

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